Denim sales have dropped from $7 billion to $4.8 billion in recent years. This means that people are moving towards more comfortable pants, and you should too! Here’s a quick guide to styling joggers in two different ways, featuring Being Human‘s new Autumn/Winter collection. This marled knit hoodie will make a brilliant addition to your wardrobe and is sure to draw more eyes than a solid colored alternative. Black & white is a color combo that will be relevant as long as penguins still roam the earth. This contrast panelled longline tee will make people look twice as they wonder what color they really saw, as you pass them by. Cuffed joggers work best with sneakers as the cuffs make sure that no fabric falls over the shoes, covering them from inquisitive eyes. The downside to this is that you must have on a pair of well looked after sneakers for maximum effect. What does being human mean to me? I sincerely believe that irrespective of how different human beings are, in the end we are all equal. We come from nothing and are reduced to nothing. Everyone you meet will be better or worse than you in some way or another because of the cards they were dealt. This does not mean that they don’t deserve your respect. Dressing or looking better than someone else does not make you a better person. Anyone could wear anything and be just the way they want to be. They say that clothes make the man, but I think character is a much better thing to have than a great suit.